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Finance Minister’s Meeting with Infosys: Why & What can we Expect?

The new IT portal has been constantly in the news for the past couple of weeks both for the right and wrong reasons. It has created enough buzz and expectations. The premise of this excitement was the promise of a seamless user experience. However, ever since its launch on 7th June, it started coming under criticism. Taxpayers voiced their inconvenience regarding the technical glitches in the new portal. Many users also expressed their preference for the old portal itself.

Why the Meeting?

Social Media was quite abuzz with the conversation around the new portal. This was noticed by the Finance Minister, who took to Twitter to share her opinion on the same. She encouraged Infosys and Nandan Nilekani, the force behind the new portal to rise to the occasion and address the issues of the Taxpayers.

Nandan Nilekani acknowledged the issue and promised to get it resolved by the first week of the launch of the new portal.

However, Taxpayers continue to face issues while working on the new IT portal. The technical hiccups in the new IT portal are making it difficult for Tax Payers to use the portal easily.
To address these issues, the Finance Minister has convened a meeting on 22nd June 2021.

Who will be the Participants of the Meeting?

The meeting will be an interactive one involving a lot of stakeholders. It will include auditors, consultants, members from the ICAI, and taxpayers as well. And of course, representatives from the Infosys Team will also be present to address the queries and concerns that will be raised.
The Government has also invited written representation from the stakeholders with regards to the issues they are facing on the New IT Portal.

What will be the possible outcome of the meeting?

The meeting is expected to serve as a forum to raise issues and get them clarified. The Infosys team will be addressing and providing clarification regarding the grievances that were raised. It is also expected that they will provide a solution roadmap wherein the team will talk about the current health of the portal, reasons for the glitches and the steps that are being taken to solve these glitches.

What do YOU think will be the outcome of this upcoming meeting? Share your thoughts with us.

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