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Honoring the Honest with Transparent Taxation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the platform for ‘Transparent Taxation – Honoring the Honest’. The aim is to ease compliance by making the tax system, “People-Centric & Public Friendly” & issue refunds faster to benefit honest taxpayers.

“When the life of an honest taxpayer of the country becomes easy, he moves forward and develops, then the country also develops and leaps forward.

PM says when the praising the taxpayers

The Tax reforms are promised to change how we pay taxes by making the process:

‘Painless, Seamless, Faceless’

PM describing the New Tax Reforms

The number of taxpayers in the country is quite low at a mere 1.5 cr. As a way to celebrate honest taxpayer, from 2016 the Income Tax department is also issuing a certificate of appreciation.

But, seems like that wasn’t enough. Therefore, to increase tax compliance, it was needed to ease the process. And as a step closer to that ‘Transparent Taxation’ is launched.

So, what is the Faceless Tax Assessment?

The scheme looks to eliminate the interface between taxpayers and the Income Tax Department. The Faceless e-Assessment scheme announced in 2019, will be part of this scheme under the Honoring the Honest campaign.

Here’s are some of it’s features:

  1. The case selection will be through the system using data analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  2. Automated random allocation of cases
  3. Abolition of Territorial jurisdiction
  4. Central issuance of notices with Document Identification Number (DIN)
  5. Team-based assessment & reviews
  6. No physical interface, meaning no need to visit Income Tax office

Faceless Appeals

Appeals under this system, are randomly allotted to any officer from across the country. Moreover, the officer’s identity will remain unknown.

The appellate decision will be team-based and the appeals will be reviewed.


The benefits of Faceless Tax Assessment and Appeals do not apply to cases relating to:

  • Serious frauds
  • Major Tax Evasions
  • Sensitive & Search Matters
  • International Tax
  • Black Money Act & Benami Property

Nice, but is everyone on board?

As bright as it looks for the taxpayers, the Tax officials are pushing back. A letter review by Reuters indicates the officials are not completely on board due to the lack of consultation and inadequate resource to implement the changes.

The letter was sent jointly by the Income Tax Employees Federation and the Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association expressing their displeasure to the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) this month.

Tax officers told Reuters that faceless tax assessment may reduce tax collection, which in turn may raise pressure on officers to meet tax targets for the current fiscal year.

What is in it for you?

Transparent taxation is launched to ease compliance & treat taxpayers as honest. The taxpayers’ charter is committed to respecting taxpayer’s privacy, holding authorities accountable for their actions and reduce the cost of compliance.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Easy tax compliances
  2. Faster refunds
  3. Faster appeal resolutions
  4. No more visits to the Income Tax offices

Using technology, the government aims to make tax compliance easier.

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More soon!

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Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @TeamQuicko

    What is the time limit in which I need to respond to the notice under section 139(9)?

  2. How can I respond to the notice received online?

  3. How much time it will take to process the refund once response to notice u/s 139(9) is filed?

  4. Avatar for Yesha Yesha says:

    Hey @HarshitShah

    It is very common to receive a notice from the Income Tax Department. The notice sent to you might be a routine inquiry or a request for clarification. There is no need to worry when you get a notice from the Income Tax Department. You will have 15 days time in which you will need to respond to the notice/file revised ITR.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Avatar for Yesha Yesha says:

    Hey @SonalYadav

    You can login to your account on the Income Tax e-filing website by entering your credentials i.e. User ID (PAN), password, and captcha code.

    Next, you need to click on the ‘e-file’ tab and select ‘Response to outstanding Tax Demand’ option.

    Hope this helps!

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