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👌 Introducing Tax Dashboard – Simplifying Taxes for Zerodha Customers

Howdy folks! 👋

We hate spoilers, but we’d love to find out how 2020 ends.

Ah, did you know 31st December is the last day to file your taxes for F.Y. 2019-20? And you don’t want to end the year worrying about filing your ITR and possibly tax penalties and scrutiny that comes with it. That’s exactly where we save the day. 🦸

We’ve built the Tax Dashboardto simplify taxes so that you can have a 🎵 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

To get you started, here’s a quick walk-through.

📩 Single Sign-on (SSO)

Login to Zerodha & navigate freely on Quicko. Authorize Quicko to import your trades, instantly set up your Tax PnL.

🤩 Kick-Start your Tax Filing

Setup your ITR in a jiffy with our easy onboarding. Enter your basic information, sit back, and relax while Quicko prepares your tax return.

📖 Easy Tax Summary & ITR Status

Easily move to-and-from Zerodha Console & Quicko’s Tax Dashboard. A quick view of your realised Profit/Loss, your tax summary, and your ITR status. 

🚀 Review and e-File

All set? E-file your taxes instantly from the comfort of your home. As promised – no more paperwork, no more hurried visits, no more hassle.

📅 What’s Next

Look out for the three upcoming features on the dashboard:

  1. Tax Planning

Choose New vs Old regime confidently for your personal financial situation

  1. Advance Tax 

Easily calculate Advance Tax on Capital Gains for investors and traders

  1. Tax Loss Harvesting

Maximize profits & minimize taxes using tax saving trading strategies

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